Here are some in depth answers to common questions asked by new customers. However, if there's a question you don't see answered here feel free to submit an inquiry through the Contact link below.

What does a 3 day hunt look like?

Once the fees have been paid in full and dates are set then hotel reservations will be made. The day before the actual hunt you will fly in to Casper WY airport or Drive to Casper WY which ever you prefer. Then the Outfitter or Guide will pick you up or meet you at a desired location. Then you will go the hotel where you will be staying. There are a few local shooting ranges that you can sight your rifle in if you desire. Then at that point the outfitter or guide will coordinate with you for what to expect the next few days of your hunt. 

What does an average day of hunting consist of?

Usually we will meet early enough to get breakfast before the hunt. That may be an hour or two before daylight depending on what area we are hunting. Lunch will be packed and prepared and so will other food that you chose you requested. It will be a spot and stalk hunt from the truck. The only time we generally leave the truck is when we are making a stalk to shoot at an antelope. The better physical condition you are in the better chance you have at being relaxed and comfortable when shooting. You will spend the whole day hunting and return after dark. Depending on how late we stay either a dinner will be packed or we will eat dinner when we return to town.

If I am successful the 1st or 2nd day of my hunt?

Once you are successful on your hunt your hotel will still be paid for that night, if you choose to stay additional nights it will be $100 per night that you stay. 

Taxidermist or processing?

Taxidermist is up to you but there are a few great local taxidermists. There will be a couple recommended meat processors if needed as well. If you would like to process your own meat that is completely up to you. Taxidermist and Processing fees are not included in the price of the hunt.

What if I am unsuccessful?

It is called hunting for a reason, but if you have zero opportunity at harvesting an animal you will be refunded 50% of your hunt or have the option to book another hunt at 50% of the cost.

Can I Bring someone that is not hunting with me?

Yes but it is an additional $200 to cover room and board

Do I get a discount if I refer someone?

Yes for every person you refer you will get $250 off of your hunt as long as that person is successful on their draw. 

How much should I tip my guide?

Just like in a restaurant, usually 10-15% of the face value of the hunt. More or less depending on satisfaction.

How do I book a hunt or reserve a hunt for a certain year?

A $500 deposit is needed to reserve your spot for any given year. If you are unsuccessful in the draw you may transfer your deposit for another year. The deposit is nonrefundable unless you are unsuccessful on your draw. 

Can I request a specific guide or the outfitter to take me on a hunt?

Yes of course. We want you to be confident in your hunt and want to accommodate you in every way possible.

What is required by law when I go hunting regarding licenses?

Your antelope license, conservation stamp, and hunter safety card if born on or after January 1, 1966.

Is there a good or bad time to come?

Opening day and the last couple weeks of the season are generally the best but weather can change everything. Each area has a different opening date and we will do our best to accommodate your situation to give you the best success.

Can you do archery and rifle hunts in the same year?

Yes you can if planned directly with the outfitter and it usually is a 5 day hunt. 

Do you have to wear florescent orange?

During rifle season you must wear one article of clothing that is orange, Ex hat, coat or vest.How far should I expect to shoot?Anywhere from 100-400 yards. If you are comfortable shooting farther than that I will allow it.

5 Day Elk Hunt?

This is not for someone expecting a horseback hunt. We typically drive or use ATVs to get within a mile of where we camp. Then we walk to camp packing in our gear on backpacks and game carts. Then the base camp will be with an outfitter tent, you will be provided with a cot but will need to provide your own sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and pillow. All meals will be provided. Then each day you may walk anyway between 2-5 miles daily hiking up and down the mountain. When the elk is killed myself and a guide pack out the elk you will not be responsible for that. The is hunt that requires you to be in good physical condition , and is not something you can do unless you are physically prepared for it. The elevation is about 8500 and requires some elevation meds if you have issues with elevation sickness. If you are not in the physical condition to do this hunt I don't issue a refund so please make sure you take the time and effort to make sure you are ready for this hunt. It will be worth it and you will have opportunity on some elk but make sure you are prepared. 

Do I need preference points? 

Yes and No, It does help you drastically if you have 3-4 points to draw one of my good areas but you can easily draw on Random Special license as well.