Do I Need Preference Points

Preferably, yes.

In 2022 most of my areas took 3-4 points to draw with the special license and I suspect that to be consistent in 2023. Any of these units you can expect 74 SCI or better. If you are wanting a trophy unit (80 SCI or better”, those areas take 8 or more with the special license. Each year we have multiple antelope that score 78-82 SCI in the units that take 3-4 points but opportunity is greater in the trophy units.  

Antelope Random Draw

This is something majority of non-resident hunters don’t know they can do and with me applying for you as an outfitter it ensures you the best recommendation for drawing the best area on a random tag. I have hunters that come out after waiting 6-7 years to draw and after educating them on me applying for them they can draw a random license, they do this and draw every couple years without waiting on preference points. Most areas I operate in have a 25-40% change of drawing on the random, so don’t wait on preference points, start having me put in for you today! In 2022, 3 out of 5 of the biggest antelope came from random tag holders. 

Landowner Tags that anyone can purchase

No such thing in Wyoming, but there are some areas that are very easy to draw that are 98% private lands. With that being said, those units are some of the worst quality areas for average or trophy antelope but if you are looking for a meat hunt option it is a good way to go if you don’t mind paying a trespass fee.