Special or Regular License

Special or Regular license.
This is a common question that gets asked and is extremely misleading to non resident hunters. In regards to antelope I explain the differences below. 

Regular License

With the point creep you will struggle to ever catch up let alone the license increase that happens every 3-4 years along with license quota decreases you will never benefit with this license unless you already have 5-6+ preference points. If you have less than 5-6 preference points then you will need to buy points with the intent to put in special. There is a 1-1.5 point creep per year for antelope with record number of applicants putting in and people putting in for the regular license because it is cheaper. Therefore an area that takes 3 this year will take 4 next year and 5 or 5.5 the following year. So if you have 2-3 points you will never catch up. Along with paying the application fee each year, preference point fee each year not to mention we all get older each year and you could hunt antelope 2-3 times as much if you put in special versus regular. IF you are ok drawing this year or 10 years from now and don’t really care how long it takes or if you ever draw then put this license. 

Special License

 has typically a .5-.75 creep each year so if an area takes 3 points this year, in 2 years it will take 4 points. Yes it appears to be more expensive but if you weigh out all the above I disclosed about the regular license fee, it is a better option in all avenues to put in the special license. Over the last 10 years, under 5% off all of my hunters have put in the regular license.